Saturday, September 26, 2009

Boxcab Construction

Today I started cutting down the shell of the Spectrum 44 ton loco.
As you can see in the picture, the cab and all handrails are removed. The cab simply unsnaps from the shell. I then narrowed the shell on both sides to fit the width of the Boxcab shell. My next move is too cut down both engine cowlings, I was careful not to damage the lights on the 44 tonner.

The highly modified 44 ton shell now fits inside of the Boxcab shell.

I drilled out each end of the boxcab shell to install the lights I salvaged from the 44 ton cowlings.

Next I will install brass tubing to direct the light up to the headlights. I plan on putting in window glaze, a driver and of course painting the shell. Maybe tomorrow I can do this.

Sunday- I have painted the boxcab shell, install the roof detail and headlights, and glass. Also I have glued the 44 ton shell into the boxcab shell at this point.

 The completed boxcab, up next, weathering.

Here are 2 better pictures of how I added brass tubing to the factory lights on the Spectrum chassis. The light travels up the tube and out lens on the front and rear of the boxcab.

Here is another picture of how the modified GE 44 ton shell fits inside of the boxcab shell. The beauty of this is I keep the coupler pockets and foot steps intact.

As usual I use Bragdon Powders, and highly recommend them for weathering. I start by dusting the trucks with a light gray. Next I dust all the gloss black areas (underframe and coupler areas) with black powder to take out the glossy finish.

I then just dust the carbody, all I wish to do is remove the shine, it works for me.
Some people go way over board with the weathering in my opinion. Maybe someday I'll concentrate on making museum models but for now I have other things to do.

Side frame kits for the boxcab

Ever since I seen Tim Warris's Boxcab video on his CNJ Bronx Terminal Layout,  I have had the desire to add sound to my MDC Boxcab/Bachmann 44 ton diesel electric locomotive. If you watch Tim's video, I promise the bug will bite you as well, so consider yourself warned! Tim has a brass boxcab of unknown origin, and he chose a QSI decoder for his boxcab.

EDIT: I used .75" spealers with matching enclosures.
Yes they were indeed installed facing up, no holes were drilled, it's simply not required to obtain adequate sound. The sound bounces back and is transmitted throughout the shell. 
I acquired the speakers from Gary at Traintek, the link is below.

Its is also good place for other items, like decoders, heat shrink and kapton tape. 

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