Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Milwaukee Road Branch Line - Roy Montana 2015

The Milwaukee Road NMD looking towards Moore MT.

..and towards Lewistown MT. Lewistown is a couple of miles away.

Milwaukee Ghost Trestle

The North Montana Line heading north out of Lewistown MT. Just up at the bend of the hwy, the line split, the left going to Great Falls, the right was the beginning of the Roy/Winifred Branch line.
The rails were pulled on the Roy branch in 1973.

Same view looking south back into town

The Roy/Winifred branch takes off towards Hilger MT.

Hilger MT, the line branches here, north to Winifred, east to Roy MT.

The wye in Hilger is still visible, the right leg is most visible behind the pole, with the tail pointing to the RV.

The Roy branch where it crosses HWY 191.

The Roy Park, the ROW is where the fence is on the right.

Looking down the ROW towards the Roy Depot.

A Bank Vault is all that is left behind.

At one time along with the depot was a water tank, coaling tower and livestock load out.

The line ended a little up the way, with a wye starting back at the Roy Park.

Trestle bents near the end of the branch.

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