Thursday, June 16, 2016

Along the old Milwaukee Road-Red Coulee Trestle and Missoula MT 2016

While in Great Falls I made a quick trip out to Red Coulee to make sure all is well. Same as it has been since 1980.

The roadbed swinging to the right entering Red Coulee.

The western approach to the trestle. More ground has shifted in recent years, the was the reason the original concrete approach was tore down and replaced with this wooden structure.

The MILW Depot in Missoula.
 along the Clark Fork river.

Protection for the catenary is still on the street overpass.

More to come...

The Milwaukee Roads Blackfoot Branch in Milltown/Bonner Montana, the prototype for my model railroad.

The Big Blackfoot branch facing west towards the old Mainline and Milltown Dam site.

Looking east up the grade towards the Big Blackfoot river. The Montana Rail Link had used this old grade when the Milltown Dam and reservoir silt removal. Some rails are still in place. 

Looking east upgrade as it passed under I-90 and the MRL mainline.

Remaining trestle on the abandoned Big Blackfoot Branch.

Waltham Montana

Elevator on the Northern Montana Branch line between Highwood and Shonkin MT,

Shonkin Montana along the NMD

Old Milwaukee Road depot, now a private residence.

Lost Lake Montana

NMD division between Shonkin and Highwood.

Milwaukee Road Trestle crossing Shonkin Creek, between Shonkin and Highwood MT.

Old Great Northern depot in Ft Benton MT

Washout just out of FT Benton towards Great Falls,

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