Monday, August 10, 2015

The Milwaukee Road and Malmstrom AFB

These two entities played an important part in the cold war. The Milwaukee Roads northern Montana division into Great Falls ran parallel to the base property. Then, from what I could tell, were two spurs leaving the NMD and going into the base. The first spur still exist (mostly) and I will show as the ramp load/unloading ramp for motorized equipment, the second spur is no longer in place however the switch is still in place, with the rails being pulled up after the switch. The second spur goes deeper into the base, I assume carrying base supplies, munitions, and of course, per some rumors, nuclear missiles. (More on this later) As you may or may not be aware, Malmstrom is a missile base (see wiki article here) ,currently home to the 341st Missile Wing.

The first spur, which is the farthest east on the base, has the loading ramp. 

Spur #2 
You can follow the old spur (yellow dots) I laid out on the satellite picture. This is most likely a weapons/munitions spur that received the warheads, and transported by vehicle to the missile silos out on the praire. 

Looking east towards both spurs.

Towards Great Falls Yard.

I recall reading a story concerning transporting a missile from Harlowton to Malmstrom. I need to located this article as it was a great story.

More to come, if you have any information/pictures you can share of this area back when operational, please let me know.

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  1. Hello Dean,

    A Track Chart (#36) from the Montana Division plus several declassified satellite imagery photographs will nail this down. Rolling off the "second" spur are three more spurs going in to Malmstrom, and they were in existence in 1953. The "first" spur, most likely not added until the mid 1960s, may only have had one purposes: off-loading flat cars.