Sunday, March 4, 2018

70 Ton Bachmann Diesel

My grandpa operated one of these up to his retirement years. I remember him taking me and my brother to work with him. I wish I was old enough to take pictures.

This came from Bachmann with a DCC decoder already installed, it ran okay, and noisy. I removed it and installed a Tsunami 2 V 1.2 M TSU-1100 GE Diesels, using the FDL-16 Prime mover sounds. I also added a TCS Keep Alive, sugar cube speaker and new LED golden white lights. This setup runs amazingly well!!!.  I need to get a video posted soon. Suddenly I have fallen for this little diesel switcher and enjoy switching my industries immensely with it. Great engine with the Tsunami 2 installed.

Also, I'm not sure if I showed this water tank I built from "Trains of Texas", so here's a shot, with some of the boys around a fire.

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