Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Heritage Museum obtains historic C.M. St. Paul & Pacific Passenger Car

 It's official, the J. Neils logging railroad has bought a combo passenger car. The old White Sulfur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railway.  We are checking on more of the history of the car.  Here is some of the pictures.  Will get with Ron on the spec's of the car and getting it hauled up here to Libby. 

 On Saturday afternoon our new passenger car pulled into the museum grounds.  Sunday it was unloaded from the trailer , unto the tracks in front of the enginehouse.  We have some extra ties to block up the car above the rails . Pictures 090,092,095,and 106 show the outside of the car.  Picture 099 shows the restroom in the coach portion on the car.  Will have some more pictures soon of the inside of the car.  Have to get some tarps for over the roof. Montana's rainforest climate dictates covering the car.

The first couple pictures are still inside the baggage room of the passenger car, shows car serial #2515 of the CM St.P &P  Railway.  The White Sulphur Springs & Yellowstone Park Railroad, used cars and engines from the early Milwaukee Road.  Working on the time frame that the car was built,  Somewhere between 1858 and 1879.  The car roofs were a different style after 1880. 

 We were looking at the window frames, trying to see how the windows  would lock.  Took some pictures of the brass spring clips and the brass steps.  We'll have to research how they work.  Will check with some of the other Railroad museums,  and see how the windows latch in their cars.  The window slides up inside the wall, so that just 6" is still hanging down in the opening. 

Our car was manufactured 1879 by the Jackson & Sharp Car company of Wilmington, Delaware. The original car # 446. This info was from a 1925 car roster.  A 1932 car ownership record from 1932, list #2515 as being owned by CMSt.P.  These folks are checking on when the sale took place.  It may take awhile to get that information.  Will keep you posted on the car.  On our Locomotive, the firebox  will be sandblasted soon. Weather is starting to get a little nicer, not tee shirt weather yet.  


  1. Hi. Dean, Thank you for the history lesson, in Malaysia, our government will just demolished and built Condos and etc, etc,
    Sad to see history old buildings with good history being replaced.
    Rahim Maarof

  2. If you are going use tarps to protect the roof from the elements, make sure there is some air space between the tarp and the car. Tarps create condensation on their undersides and just throwing plastic tarps over the roof will trap moisture underneath and contribute to rot and decay.

    1. You may need to tell the museum, I'm not affiliated and haven't posted about the it for years. I'm 2500 miles away and my contact is no longer involved with the museum. It seems everything is just sitting around with nothing getting accomplished.