Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dallas area Train Show Jan 2013

I had the opportunity to visit the Dallas Area Train Show this weekend. It had a good number of vendors and layouts. I have uploaded the two best layouts of the show. The first is the Spring Creek Model Railroad Club and the second is the Texas Outlaws On30 Group. Both of these were the best as far as interesting to look at, but of course this is just my opinion.

First off, here is the Spring Creek Club's modular layout.

Last but not least, here is the Texas Outlaw On30 Modular Layout.


  1. Hi Dean,
    As president of the Spring Creek Model Railroad Club, I really appreciate the time you invested photographing our layout. And even more important, I appreciate you posting these pictures on you Blog for the whole world to see. We take great pride in our layout and our club is constantly looking for ways to make it better. So come back again next year and see what we've done.
    Thanks again,
    Leonard Siemantel

  2. Hi Leoanrd
    I first seen the layout in Longview several years ago, It is very interesting with a lot of detail. Excellent modeling!!!