Monday, August 26, 2013

Historic Logging Reference Photos

Lower Carriage is removed after transporting.

Wow, any structural engineers around for an opinion on the weight on that single trestle bent?

Building a trestle

Incline railroad. Cable pulls and lowers the log cars.

I've seen jill pokes used for offloading log cars, but this is new to me.

Check out the engineering on the left side. A stump was in the way so they made an adjustment. 

I've seen jill pokes used for offloading log cars, but this is new to me.

Incline log car.

The typical temporary nature of logging railroads. Note how the bent is simply sitting on a rock.

Incline railroad

This log unloader is powered by steam from the shay, works like a hydraulic ram to push the logs off the log cars.

This logging spur has already served it's purpose and the rails and ties were pulled up.

The grade taking off the left is 4.7%, too the right, 6%.

Same location as above. Notice how in this case it was easier to build a trestle than to grade into the hillside.

Newly built spur ready for a landing to be built.

The lower grade is 6%, the upper is 4.7%

Longleaf LA

This is an interesting solution to a problem.

Spar Tree

Spar tree

A carload of grape stakes for the local California wineries.

Grape stakes

Railroad ties ready for loading at the tie hackers

Crossett Arkansas area

Crossett Arkansas area

Denver and Rio Grande going into the Royal Gorge, it look to me like this is an eastbound train.


  1. Excellent set of photos! Thanks for posting them!

  2. Hi Len
    Thanks for the comment. I'm close to East Texas, always interested in the logging history that occurred there.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pictures, many I have not seen previously on other sites. I'm working on a logging scene (HO) which will contain a Donkey Engine/Logging Equipment repair facility. This has been helpful. When completed I will be showing it on my site
    Keep up up the good work.