Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thunder Mesa Mining Company Layout

    I love this modeler's work, perhaps because it brings me back into another time that pulled me 
into the hobby. I always had a love for trains, I believe we are born with that love, since we usually can't explain our attraction to our loved ones, and the non railroad fans. In my early years it was gazing at John Allens creation in the pages of MR, so much that I would wear those pages out and be pulled into the G & D world of John Allen.

    In later years, with still no means or room for layout, I started to see John Olsen and Malcolm Furlow appear in those same pages. Not modeling a prototype, but imaginary railroads that could have existed. The story writing was excellent, and again, I wore those pages out, as I worked to feed my family, only enough money left over to purchase a magazine to keep my modeling juices flowing. 

  That was first in the late 1960's, then later in 1980's, fast forward ahead to 2005. Family obligations are easier met now, and disposable income has knocked on the door. Room came open, and I finally was able to build my layout that I wanted. A logging/mining pike complete with reliable geared steam, DCC and sound!! These technological wonders are benchmarks in the hobby, and I appreciate them. 

   But now, whimsical freelance modeling is rare as far as publications are concerned,and the "thing to do" now is modeling 12 inches around the wall layouts depicting a prototype, meaning "real world".  This is all well and good, as the hobby goes through phases, more power to them. Personally, I find this boring as hell as far as keeping my interest. Reading about a typical turn on a prototypical layout to me doesn't keep my interest longer than 5 seconds, I don't need real world, I need to escape the real world! 

  Which brings me to this subject of this post. There is a layout being built by Dave. He is truly an excellent artist, as you can see by the drawing at the top of this post. He is also a great story teller, which means so much when trying to depict a freelanced layout, perhaps I could go as far as to say fantasy world, since many of his ideas are based of Disney. 

  If your like me an truly enjoy this style of model railroading, please join me in visiting Dave's blog listed here. 

  Drop in and say hi, and let him know what you think. I think he is a great modeler, artist and storyteller. 
This is my way of saying  "Thanks" to bringing that feeling back to me

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