Sunday, November 10, 2013

Heritage Museum Sawmill & Lumber Shed

A sawmill and lumber shed are being assembled at the Heritage museum for the to allow the museum to saw their own lumber and have live demonstrations on the weekends. 

 Doug has finished work on our sawmill the cement slab is ready for the engine to run the mill.  Next will be putting a roof over the whole mill.

Moved fry pan out of shed by miner's cabin, to display on lawn area.  Doug, putting the finishing touches. Our plan for the shed is to build a stage for musicians, like opening day or during the summer concerts maybe. 

The model T pictures are a donated item to the Museum , from one of the Pioneer families to the area.  A special Thank You goes out to them, for allowing us to preserve part of the local history for many generations to come. The car will be restored to one day drive around the museum grounds or in the summer parades. 

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